Dublin Lord Mayor invites Extinction Rebellion to camp in the Mansion House*

Fair dues to him. The Lord Mayor of Dublin Paul McAuliffe has invited the Extinction Rebellion activists to set up home in the Mansion House.

“They can pitch their tents in the Round Room, they can put their sleeping bags in the bedrooms, they can light their fires in the kitchen,” he said.

“It’s only right. I mean, it was great to see them taking over Merrion Square so that ordinary people couldn’t use it for a week,” he said.

“And they were all decent types, not like other protesters, you know, proper lefties. And they promised to go home after a week – sure if you let the homeless camp there you’d never know when they’d leave,” Mr McAuliffe said.

“And sure, nobody knew anything about climate change until they dressed up and painted their heads and blocked a few streets, did they? I mean, seems to me it might be a big issue. So we have to be grateful to them for drawing our attention to it, don’t we?”

Mayor McAuliffe visited the campers to thank them for taking over the square and said they’d done a great thing.

He didn’t actually suggest where the homeless might pitch their tents.

*No he didn’t. I made that up. In fact, I made the whole thing up. Unfortunately.

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