There’ll be a party in Hell when this guy arrives. And the sooner the better.

Fr Patrick Ryan: Hopefully it’s warm enough for him in Hell.

I’D say they’re getting the bunting up already.




Oh. Sorry.

I’m talking about the party planned for Fr Patrick Ryan.

In Hell.

Here’s a man who served as a “priest” most of his life but who regrets his actions didn’t result in more death.

Here is a man who claimed to be a Christian but obviously thought Jesus was a bit of an eejit for ruling out murder as means of achieving one’s aims in life.

And I apologise to men for describing him as one of us.

He is no such thing.

He is, like every IRA thug I’ve ever encountered, a coward and a low life. A slug.

This is a guy who said Mass, lectured people in his sermons based, I presume, on the words of Christ and who then went out and helped to build bombs which killed his fellow human beings.

Hypocrite. Liar. Murderer.

He boasts about having a hand in most of the IRA’s bombs, his only regeret that “I would have liked to have been much more effective than I was, but we did not do too badly.”

Soldier F is, rightly, to face the courts charged in relation to the Bloody Sunday murders.

I sincerely hope this evil – I was going to say priest but he isn’t now and never was – creature is also arrested and charged and jailed.

And that very soon he and his real hero, Satan, can embrace.

1 thought on “There’ll be a party in Hell when this guy arrives. And the sooner the better.

  1. gerryfloyd

    Even the devil won’t want him.


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