Let’s take the fight against Climate Change back from the bullies and ego trippers (And here’s how we can do it.)

I about two week’s time, an unelected, unelectable bunch of attention seekers will try to prevent me, and others, reaching medical appointments.

They will do so in the name of fighting global warming and climate change.

I have no doubt, if I am stopped at one of their blockades in Dublin, they will let me through if I show them my appointment card and explain my health difficulties.

I have no intention of doing so. I don’t see why I should explain myself to Extinction Rebellion Gestapo.

There are few people, Donald Trump and his team being exceptions, who disagree with a message stating that we are not doing enough to fight climate change

The message is a fine one.

The methods are outrageous and counter productive.

They remind me of the teachers who thought they were education their pupils by beating and terrifying information into them.

They weren’t.

The ones who educated us were the ones who taught us to understand, who taught us to love our subjects and who took their time to explain.

So what do we do if we don’t supporting the blockade of our city and its citizens who want to work, attend a medical appointment, visit the sick or simply go into town?

Here’s one thing.

For that seven days, from October 7 to 13, why does not each person in Ireland do ONE THING EVERY DAY to help save our planet, one thing they have never before done.

If we all do, that’s 5,000,000 every day.

If we all do it every day, it’s 35,000,000 in a week.

Like what?

Like telling the café with the plastic straws that you don’t want the drink if they don’t have the paper kind.

By taking your Kiwi fruit out of the wrapping once it has been scanned, and leaving the plastic for the supermarket to dispose of.

Like walking instead of using motorised transport, public or otherwise.

Like not leaving your ‘phone charging overnight.

Like turning down the heating.

Like turning off lights in rooms which aren’t occupied.

Like eating a cold dinner.

It only requires imagination.

And do you know what?

At the end of the week, you might feel proud rather than angry.

People might realise that it’s US who will change the world, not self-serving, arrogant ego-trippers who, on Clare Byrne Live the other night, told us that “people don’t understand.” People. That’s US. Looking down from their high perch, they think we’re stupid.

I’ll be attending my appointment and I won’t be explaining it to Extinction Rebellion whose blockades will cause traffic jams to belch fumes into Dublin’s air for the week.

I’ll change at least one thing every day.

And if we all do, if HALF of us do, we’ll have a far greater effect on this campaign than bullies ever will.

Us, and our school students who effectively set the example in a legal, honourable and admirable way.

Let’s do it.

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