We need climate action – not a bunch of arrogant ego-trippers damaging the cause

BRILLIANT: And the school children protesting today had massive support

We are facing a disaster on this planet. And we’re facing it because for too long, the people we have elected have chosen to ignore or, as in the case of Donald Trump, simply dismiss the idea of climate change.

We need to do something.

Today, thousands of schoolchildren did. They were supported by the vast majority of the people in the country. 

But it’s not just up to them. 

We all have to change our habits.

One of my doctors told me, a long time ago, that her sister has always let her groceries trundle down the conveyer belt to be scanned, and once they are, the takes the packaging off and it there.

She’s right.

We need to get rid of plastic. 

Every small thing – like buying water in glass bottles, like not buying products wrapped in plastic which cannot be recycled, like reading labels and refusing to buy products containing microbeads.

It goes on and on.

God, when I think back to my childhood when ALL milk and minerals came in recyclable glass bottles. When groceries were delivered in a large carboard box, the potatoes and veg simply places in without wrapping, when we brought all our read newspapers to a room beside the church where they were gathered and taken away for recycling and when my mother threw all waste vegetable material in to a pit at the end of our not huge garden, where it rotted with the soil and turned into a fertiliser.

We need to look back.

What we don’t need is a bunch of self-entitled, arrogant dicks on an ego trip blocking our city roads which is what this self appointed Extinction Rebellion mob is planning.

They will do nothing but damage.

Because we don’t need people on €30 a day deprived of their living because these self-appointed twats think they know more than everyone else.

We don’t need a city where the disabled and those visiting the sick in its hospitals are prevented from entering by unelected and unelectable attention seekers.

Extinction Rebelling is damaging the cause that schoolchildren did so much to promote today.

I’m not a big fan of baton charges.

But if the gardai have to use theirs on Monday week, I hope their made from sustainable wood.

LATE NEWS: I asked Extinction Rebellion, through Messenger on Facebook, what their policy was towards people who had hospital appointments while they were blockading the city. They told me that they would ‘keep a careful watch for people with appointments.”

I have never heard such utter shite in my life. “Careful watch for people with appointments?” What does that mean?

“Oh look, there’s a man with an appointment in the oncology department at James’s about ten cars back, behind the guy trying to get to the cardiac department in the Mater.”

These are the people who want to shut down Dublin, annoy people, worry people, cost people a day’s pay, make them miss medical appointments and – ultimately – damage the case they – WE – all care passionately about.

Oh. Then they blocked me from Messenger suggesting I was abusive, which I wasn’t.

Disrespectful? You bet!

1 thought on “We need climate action – not a bunch of arrogant ego-trippers damaging the cause

  1. gerryfloyd

    Unfortunately, they will continue to purchase items made in countries that don’t have any environmental protection laws. They are only willing to protest, not give up their electronics, name brand shoes, handbags, and cloths, or actually buy local to enforce a true climate change, but let’s not talk the truth. Just post stuff that makes you feel good.
    I’ve become very cynical in my older age.
    THEN THERE’S THE RENT A MOB disrupting and alienating people.


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