Are you ready for Féile? I SAID ARE YOU READY FOR FÉILE?

It’s Féile weekend!!!
And what a line-up!
Sinead, Horslips, Sultans of Ping, Something Happens, Therapy? and loads of other legendary rockers and one-time chart toppers or chart-middlingers at worst.
And Wendy James! I mean who remembers Transvision Vamp? (I think I see a hand up at the back.)
It’s going to be some weekend!
Sadly, I can’t go. Zimmer frame is in for its annual service. Got my dates mixed up. Thought it was 1964.
Anyway, for those who are going, here’s some advice. Don’t forget to pack: tins of cocoa, batteries for the hearing aid, 
wooly jumpers, a glass for the teeth and incontinence pants.
And have a really grey time!

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