A coup is imminent: Michael D is about to become our Great Leader

Michael D on manoeuvres with troops, sorry HIS troops

I have figured it out. I know what ‘s happening. I have studied recent events carefully. 

There’s a plan.

And this is it…


Yes. You read that correctly. 
Inside information (well, not so much inside as just information) proves that, what I’ve been thinking over the last little while, is about happen.

Michael D will declare himself President of Ireland and Commander in Chief.

Yes, I know that he already IS those things technically at least.

But he’s about to assume the roles and take on the real powers.

Why do you think he’s been getting the army onside eh? 

Just for the craic? To win votes? 

Of course not. He doesn’t need votes. There’s not going to be another election, at least, not until after the coup to remove Chairman Higgins.

See him this week sucking up to workers at the celebrations for the International Labour Organisation? 

Standing up for workers (yes, he was standing). He called their struggle “the defining battle of our times.” Battle. See? He’s gradually using language to prepare us for the day the tanks, HIS tanks, rattle down O’Connell Street with him waving to the people, HIS people, from the lead tank.

That’s why he was in Carlow…to get the farmers onside. He lavished them with praise and spoke about how they deserved a better deal.

So get ready for President Chairman Michael D and his plan for a socialist Nirvana in Ireland.

Maybe Leo or Micheál or Clare Daly would stage a counter coup. (It won’t be the peace loving Shinners will it?)

And sure, it might be grand.


….well, there’s a problem.

In addition to rallying soldiers, workers and farmers, he had a pop at the United States and its president Donald Trump.

I’m sorry to have to reveal, that part of Michael D’s plan is to invade the United States.

And we could end up as the 51ststate in Trump’s America.

Unless, of course, we won!

1 thought on “A coup is imminent: Michael D is about to become our Great Leader

  1. gerryfloyd

    ‘The Mouse that Roared’ Peter Sellers. Unless Michaelin starts to grow a beard we should not fret too much. No good socialist would start a revolution, leave home, without a beard. Though Che Daly has not been seen out of late.
    First there was, Pauperus Sororibus Clarius, Building Crassus, and Pensionus Pompeius.
    Followed by Marcus Anthonius, Octavian, and the other fella, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. Next up Fidel Higgins, Che Daly and the Takius Michus Taxavoidus.
    Pauperus Sororibus Clarius, Building Crassus, and Pensionus Pompeius.


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