I blame John Creedon – and whoever came up with the name Derreennascooba

I really enjoyed John Creedon’s Atlas of Ireland series. Only pity is, that it was too short.

Hopefully, it will be back for a longer run next year.

The result of watching the programme is that wherever I go now, I end up staring at road signs.

Yesterday, we drove home after a week exploring Mayo.

And we spent a fair bit of time in the car when we were there. A few lovely afternoons – but lots of rain too.

So I gazed at signs.

And I asked myself things like: Who came up with Ummerantarry? What in God’s name does Tullaghaunnahammer mean?

Can everyone in Mayo even pronounce Tawnywaddyduff?

That’s one of the reasons I want John back with a new series.

I have a list of names, which I’ll send to him, so he can make that new series which will be called “Paddy Murray’s Favourite Irish Placenames.”

And we’ll start with Mayo.

I’m looking forward to John explaining Ugool, Tullnahoo, Tomboholla, Thick Island, Srahataggle South, Sixnoggins, Seeaghandoo, Nypmhysfield, Loughanganky, Liscromwell, Knockysprickaun, Inishbollog, Freaghillanluggah, Fiddaunnageeroge and Curries.

And then there’s Keeloges which I have no doubt prompts breakfast cereal jokes.

Seriously though, wouldn’t it be great entertainment?

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