It’s never too early for Christmas

The Christmas shop in Brown Thomas is open. At last.

Does that picture  annoy you?

It was taken today, in a Dublin store.

It always seems to me, that this time every year people get on their high horses (or is it reindeer?) to complain about Brown Thomas opening their Christmas shop in August.

As soon as they hear the news, they see red. Well, maybe not red, that’s a Christmassy colour. Black or purple or something.

The only thing I can think of saying to them is “Bah Humbug.”

Or maybe “Ho ho ho!”

BT has been opening its Christmas shop in August for years.

Indeed, one year we stumbled into it on the morning of day one.

We picked up a couple of baubles and went to the till.

“Are you busy?” Connie asked. “No,” the shop assistant said, “You’re the first.”

I wanted to do a lap of honour. I wanted there to be a First Into The Christmas Shop event at the Olympics. I was a model for gold.

The next year, I was at the till and tried to excuse my presence by saying to the lady next to me, that it really was out of order – though I didn’t think that at all.

She took out her ‘phone and pressed a few keys.

And showed me the screen.

It was a countdown to Christmas, not just days, but hours, minutes and seconds.

It is, of course, on my ‘phone now.

I love Christmas. Always did.

From back in the days when my father distributed the presents from each of us to the other – he’d pick one up and say ‘From Úna to Donal’ or ‘from Diarmuid to Aileen’ or ‘from `John to Mammy’ and I was tasked to deliver the gift.

We’d have breakfast after Mass. And then elevenses. Christmas lunch was at about 2 o’clock. And then there’d be afternoon tea. That was followed, not long after the cups were washed, by proper, substantial “tea.” And then, at about 9 o’clock my mother would ask if anyone was hungry – and we’d have supper.

It was family, family, family.

Anyway, it’s never too soon to start Christmas.

And I actually think people are nicer to each other around Christmas. 

Brown Thomas this evening was a joy.

Everyone who came up that escalator smiled when they saw the Christmas trees and decorations.

And there was a queue at the till. 

Yes, of course I was in it.

So Ding Dong Merrily on High.

Only 496 days to Christmas…

…next year.

I checked on my app yesterday afternoon. And, yes, it is almost Christmas

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